We are a family business dedicated to providing medicines and health products high quality throughout Panama
Our services and distribution network reaches more than 4,000 outlets nationwide.
Founded in 1905, we continue to serve the health needs of the community with the same spirit of service, dedication and quality that have defined our business since its inception....


We are a company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of high quality products, focused on health and wellness; With a human resource oriented to the service and to the permanent improvement.


  1. Passion for service
  2. Commitment
  3. Ethics
  4. Trust
  5. Teamwork


  • Late 19th Century

    Dr. Manuel González Revilla, a Cuban physician, came to Panama in the late 19th century for the construction of the Panama Canal.
    After the failure of the French canal, Dr. González Revilla remained in Panama, settling in the province of Chiriquí, where he worked as a physician, married, and had 11 children.

  • 1905

    In 1905, Dr. González Revilla responded to the lack of medicines in Chiriquí by opening a small pharmacy.

  • 1930

    The pharmacy business flourished. In the early 1930s, under the direction of Dr. González Revilla’s son, Ramón, the business acquired a small distribution company in Panama City. This new entity was established as Droguería Ramón González Revilla, S.A.

  • 1954

    Farmacias Revilla, S.A. and Droguería Ramón Gonzalez Revilla, S.A. continued to grow during this second generation’s leadership. Farmacias Revilla opened more pharmacy locations throughout Chiriquí to become the pre-eminent pharmacy in the region, while Droguería expanded its distribution capabilities with more product lines.
    After Don Ramón’s death in 1954, his widow, Flora Miró de González Revilla managed the businesses, continuing to strengthen the reputation of each for quality products and professional service.

  • Nowadays

    Today, a third generation of the family manages the Revilla businesses and continues the professional legacy of its founders. Farmacias Revilla –the oldest pharmacy in the country– now has expanded with stores throughout Panama. DRGR today is one of the largest distributors of pharmaceuticals and hospital-surgical equipment in the country –serving public as well as private sector needs with dedicated service and top-quality products..

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